Developers & Private Sellers

Finding the right property for our client is at the fore front of what we do. Aside from this we also offer a range of other services which you can find out more about below.

Land & Building Owners

We are in a fortunate position to have at our disposal dozens of property developers of different scales.

Our clients range from developers who can build multiple 40 story residential towers right down to others who build houses, flats and undertake all manner of different types of renovations and refurbishment works.

Many land and building owners take their properties to auction to sell. Our huge database of developers will enable us to very easily sell your asset to our clients so long as the price is right.

We could also look at facilitating a joint-venture partnership with our client where they will take on your property with a view to developing it and everybody gets paid at the end in cash or in units. This way you make more money.

If you have any sites or buildings in London or the surrounding counties that you have not put in an auction or tried to sell anywhere else and that it would be the first time on the market then please do get in touch and we will get a deal done for you whether its a joint venture or an outright cash purchase.


Our network is constantly expanding as we look to forge new partnerships with credible developers. We get deals sent to us every week which range from land with and without planning, care homes which have residential potential, run down houses, flats, commercial buildings, distressed sales and probates.

These opportunities are available to all our partners, so if you’re an experienced developer who has a verifiable track record and would like to take advantage of our position and become a client of ours then please do get in touch.

Case Study

Site at 101 Dalston Lane, Hackney E8 1NH

101 dalston lane

This is a site that we had our eye on for a while and when we found out that it was for sale we wasted no time in contacting CBRE who are the representatives of the owners of this site. There were many applicants registered with CBRE to get details of the sales particulars and procedure for this site. We selected a developer who we put forward and felt was right for this development opportunity because of the amount of experience they have in developing property in Hackney. First round offers were requested for by CBRE and we advised our client what they should tender as their first offer.

A week later we heard back from CBRE telling us that our client has made it to the second bid round which would be a ‘best and final offers’ situation. They gave a slight indication of where the strongest offer was at, which then set the bench mark for our discussion as to what would be a good figure to put forward without offering to low or offering way above where we won’t feel comfortable. We also had to consider the motivation of the lead bidder. Were they going to increase their first offer or were they going to retain their original offer as their best and final offer? The decision was made that an offer would be put forward which would be £200,000 below what looked like the amount that it may have gone for.

101 dalston lane

CBRE put all the offers together and presented them along with the background of each developer to their client. A week later one of our agents got an email from CBRE congratulating us, that out of all the buyers who submitted offers, all of whom have vast experience in house building and property developing our client was the preferred buyer of the site by the vendor which was no surprise to us because each and every developer that we have on our books have the funds, the capability, integrity and talent which is what the vendor of this site saw. This property is still in the process of being sold for a seven figure sum.

Private Sellers

Whether you live abroad or live in the UK and you have a house or flat that you want to sell, we are here to bring expertise and experience as well as expose your property to our vast client base.

We have serial investors, first time buyers, professional couples and singles, portfolio buyers, wholesale/bulk buyers and families that we can fully expose you property to which will give you a very high chance of us selling it quickly so long as the property is not over priced. If you have something to sell then please get in touch and we will be more than happy to be of assistance.

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