We are on a crusade to deliver 50,000 units and now we are down to 49,072 units so we need to do deals with you!


We have a number of residential development sites with and without planning across the country which we have for sale, none of which you will find on the open market. Some require an outright purchase whilst others will look at a joint venture. If you are interested in knowing more about what we may have in terms of deals please do get in touch, and please note that we would need to see evidence of your track record as we only deal with developers who have a solid and verifiable background.


We have clients that can purchase blocks of flats or an assortment of houses off plan at a discount which can be agreed by both parties. Exchange would be with 10% of the total discounted GDV, then 5% in six months time, then another 5% in another 6 months time and the balance on PC. Please note that all of the above would be subject to negotiation. Any offer of a bulk purchase will be subject to a red book valuation.

Post Grenfell the specification of the buildings will need to meet either one of these two criteria depending on their heights:

  • 6-9 story buildings must be active and must have a fire system and a sprinkler system in the building*. A passive system built into the building. Steel frames or concrete frames to make sure the building doesn’t collapse. *both of these would need to be incorporated in the building.
  • Anything from 10 stories and above needs to have more than 2 stair cases and preferably a sprinkler system.


We have access to significant funds via our clients, up to and far beyond £100m for projects within our deal foot print. Should you have a project that you would like to have an equity partner for, we would be more than happy to hear from you and to understand the details of the project.


We know you guys have so many projects going on up and down the country, and at times you may decide to sell one of your sites financial reasons, strategic reasons or it may well be that you’ve obtained planning and just want to trade the land on and get a return on the uplifted value with planning. If you have a site which has planning within our deal foot print with a minimum of 50 units – 5000 units please do get in touch as we would like to do a deal with you. Our most recent transaction which was bought from X1 Developments was the sale of the old Evans Halshaw car showroom which is situated at 123 – 125 Hunslet Road Leeds South Bank and has planning permission for 928 flats and was bought by our client The Guinness Partnership who we concluded the deal for. Further details of this can be found here.


We work with a number of housing associations across the country who are interested in taking the section 106 element of a new development. There are a number of options available to you should you wish to dispose of the 106 ahead of time, which we can assist with.

For more information please contact us on:

T: +44 (0)20 7294 7557
F: +44 (0)20 7523 5384