Satisfying your curiosity and questions.

How do you get paid?

The fee structures for buying and selling are different, depending on the property value. Please get in touch with your requirements and we will be able to tell you what fee commissions will be applicable to you.

Why should I use you when estate agents are free?

Estate agents represent the seller, and it is the seller who pays the estate agent’s fees. Estate agents will always act in the best interest of the seller. Not you. Their job is to get as much money out of you as possible. Our job as is to make sure you get the best deal possible by paying the best price. We work exclusive for you.

Do I have to pay the estate agent?

No. Estate agents will get paid by their client – the seller.

Do I have to pay you any upfront costs?

Yes. There is a retainer fee which is payable and will include VAT. The retainer fee is to cover search costs as well as demonstrate to us that you are a serious buyer. The retainer fee will be payable once the terms of business and contract have been signed. This is the only money that we will receive from you at this stage.

I can find property myself, why should I employ you?

We can search the market more thoroughly than you can on your own. There are properties that we know about which are not on the market, and in some cases, we are given one-off viewings. This means you have a greater selection of properties to choose from than you would if you were looking by yourself. Having us on board gives you an enormous amount of clout and negotiating credibility. What we would negotiate for you is not what you would be able to do and this is based purely on years of collective experience, market knowledge and also because of the different techniques we use in getting what we want out of the deal, only and solely for you.

Are there any other fees?

Yes. Once we have successfully found your property we take a percentage of the final purchase price or 15% of the total saving we would have saved you through our negotiating with the seller. (whichever is greater) This fee will be payable at exchange of contracts and not on completion.

Will we send you our deposit, stamp duty costs and other associated costs to you?

No. We do not handle any of your money during your purchase. All monies relating to the purchasing of your property will all go to your solicitor.

Who pays you?

We get paid by you, the buyer, our client. We never accept or take fees from any other party so you can be rest assured that we are always acting in your best interests and with complete integrity.

Is your service confidential? Will my name be disclosed to anyone?

Information on our clients is always treated with the strictest confidentiality and is never divulged to any third parties unless we are required to do so by law. We are also happy to sign non-disclosure agreements for clients for that extra peace of mind.

What would be the best way of me finding legal representation for the purchase of my property?

With our extensive network of reliable and well experienced conveyancing lawyers we can nominate a company whom we have worked with in the past. They will handle all aspects of your purchase, with us overseeing the whole process. Alternatively if you already have a lawyer that you are happy and comfortable with then that’s fine. The same process will still apply, we will work in conjunction with the lawyers to make sure they are on top of everything.

How long will it take you to source a property for me?

On average, it takes us 3-4 months from signing a new client through to exchanging contracts on a property. Of course searches can take anything from a few days through to 6 months or more. Ideally we aim to have a property sourced and secured in 4-5 weeks

How do I know that the properties you show me will be what I’m looking for?

We preview all properties before we show you. We video record the property as well as take photos and upload them onto our site where you can log into your private client account to see what we have shortlisted for you. This insures that you only view properties that match your criteria.

Can you find properties that I cannot source myself?

Yes we can. That’s why we’re here. We have an enormous database of contacts whom we speak to – every day. These include property developers; private individuals who wish to sell privately and not through estate agents; solicitors dealing with probate sales, distressed sales and fund disposals; bankers who deal with their clients’ property dealings and even concierges in prestigious blocks who know of an occupier who wants to sell before they contact agents to avoid paying their fees. Properties are also offered to us long before they hit the open market by estate agents because they know that we have very serious buyers that don’t waste time.

What happens if you are unable to source a property for me, after say, six months?

It’s highly unlikely that we won’t find you a suitable property within a 6 month period. But in the rare event this happens, we may charge you for our time and expenses incurred to that point.

I am looking at schools for my children. Can you help?

We work regularly with clients who are buying a property in the UK as they plan to send their children to school here, be it private school or state school. For this reason, we are highly experienced in sourcing properties close to popular schools. We are also able to recommend independent school advisors to help clients decide which school is right for them.

Can foreigners buy property in the UK?

Yes, foreigners can buy and own property in in the UK.

Is London property the best overseas investment for me?

Yes it is. The London property market is one of the most resilient markets in the world, especially those properties that are in prime central London. London delivers healthy returns on investment for investors which is a known fact, so it can be regarded as one of the best if not the best opportunities for worldwide property investment at present from the viewpoint of capital gain and rental yields.

If I want to purchase a property using an offshore company, is this possible?

Yes it is.

What is the meaning of buying off-plan?

Buying “off-plan” means purchasing a property at the planning stage before it is actually built. When you buy “off-plan” it can deliver you good returns on your investment because you have bought at a low fixed price at an early stage in a desired and established location.

Is it possible to get a mortgage if I’m an overseas buyer?

Yes it is. There are a number of financial institutions and brokers we work with who specialise in providing finance for overseas buyers.

What does “flipping” or “flip” mean?

Flipping means buying a property and reselling it quickly for a profit, as opposed to holding onto it long term.

How are you able to reduce the asking price?

The true value of a property is based on comparable evidence and market intelligence which we have the knowledge of. If we think a property is priced incorrectly, we’ll negotiate robustly so that it isn’t. Negotiation is one of our core strengths and if we don’t think you’re getting a fair deal, we’ll advise you accordingly. The client is not always right.

We are a principled company and stick to our ethos of making sure that our clients’ hard earned money is well protected by not making a bad decision. Even if it means going against their wishes to save them from either loosing money long term, or buying a property which will turn out to be an absolute nightmare to sell in the future. We have saved our clients years of potential headache and millions of pounds by persuading them not to be ruled by their heart but by reality.

Who are your clients?

We don’t have any one specific type of client. We deal with people who are looking for property from anywhere between £400,000 right up to £25,000,000. All of whom are from varying backgrounds and professions. Some live abroad and need a reputable agent to buy property on their behalf, some have been disappointed after months and years of failed home buying attempts and others are just to time poor to look for property and engage in negotiations. We endeavour to help each and every client source and secure their ideal property, be it a London property or a home in the surrounding Home Counties.

Do you have access to properties marketed by all agents?

Yes. We have excellent relationships with the best agents in the business both in London and in the surrounding counties.

Do you have access to properties that are not on the open market?

Yes we do. Estate Agents will only sell you what they have in their window. As well as showing you what estate agents have, we can widen the search and show you properties that are not on the open market. This will give you even more of an opportunity in securing a good deal because the seller will not have to pay any commissions or fees to the agent because they will be dealing directly with us. And on top of that we will still diligently negotiate whatever price the seller states down, so we get the best possible deal for you.

Can I buy a property at auction with a mortgage?

With us, no. We only deal with cash buyers. Attempting to buy a property at auction with a mortgage is too risky. We strongly advise against doing so. Mortgages take too long for the procedures of an auction. The property needs to be paid for in 20 working days otherwise you stand a very good chance of losing your 10% deposit, which is non-refundable from the auctioneer.

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