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Buy From The Sky

buy from the sky

Chauffeur driven viewings is a standard part of the service, as well as that we offer our clients our very exclusive Buy From The Sky package. Clients will be able to view properties in luxurious style from the air with this exclusive package. The Helicopters can carry anywhere from 3 to 6 passengers at a time for a viewing.

All our aircraft have leather interior and are very comfortable. Clients often like to be accompanied by family members, friends or business associates and we make sure that any additional requirements that the client may have are fulfilled. Our client along with any guests that may be accompanying them will be picked up from their home, hotel or from our Knightsbridge office by a chauffeur in one of our brand new Audi A8’s, and will be driven to the airbase.

Clients are able to watch a variety of movies in complete comfort and style in our cars which all have the latest in car entertainment systems including TV in the head rest and surround sound technology giving the feeling of being in your own private cinema on the move. Our cars also have fridges so there are enough ice cold drinks to enjoy on the way. All of this will be made available for you to ensure you have a relaxed journey at the beginning of a 1st class experience.

Once you arrive at the airbase your buying consultant will be ready and waiting to receive you. You will then be escorted you to the helicopter where the pilot will be waiting. Once you board the aircraft you will be briefed on what to expect from the journey and then we will take off and begin your viewing.

If you have any questions during the viewing your buying consultant will be more than happy to be of assistance. Once the viewing has finished, you will be flown back to the airbase where your chauffeur will be waiting to drive you back to your home, hotel or to our office.

Our Buy From The Sky package is designed to let you see where the properties are located and all of the amenities that surround it. You will get a far greater perspective of the area and extended areas as well as features of the area from the air which you won’t get by driving around by road.

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