Market Appraisals

If you already have planning permission then the usual first step before selling the site is to understand how much you are trying to achieve. Every development site will differ in some way or another and it is imperative that opportunities are not missed. Examples can be the consideration of alternative schemes, different layout or land uses or the review of development costs and infrastructure provision for things like ground conditions, retaining walls and services to make sure the potential of the land is being maximised.


The successful sale of residential and commercial development land from single plots to multi-acre sites hangs on effective and knowledgeable marketing with a targeted approach. At Dandor our marketing campaigns are unique, each tailored to meet the differing needs of individual clients where we can be asked to target specific buyers and to sell the site discreetly and off market, or we can put together a fully fledged marketing campaign to target a far and wide audience. We are able to sell sites on any scale or value, with or without planning and on an unconditionally or conditional basis.

We have a substantial database of Residential and Commercial Developers and Housing Associations (nationwide) who are seeking projects across the UK. We know who to call – directly, whether it is a development site which has planning for 10 units or a site which has planning for 3000 units, we know who it would be for instantly. Once we have all the information required we will be able to furnish the buyer with as much detail as possible including all technical info among other things so that they will be well equipped to bring forward an offer. Once the offer is been accepted we will then have a smooth transition into legals where we will also be of assistance to oversee the transaction in conjunction with your Solicitor.


If your land does not have planning we can advise you as to the best course of action to take in terms of the various options that are available to help maximise the land value especially if you wish to diversify. The planning process can be quite costly and time consuming and requires expert guidance which we can certainly assist you with along the way. Should the planning process not be one that you would want to undertake yourself, whether it be for financial reasons or anything else, we have solutions that will still enable you to realise a good level of commercial receipt for the land through the channels that are available to us, of which you would be a beneficiary of.

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